Monday, 12 February 2018

#Otter2018 is 10 weeks away, what now?

Hi guys

So, yesterday we hit the “70 days to go” mark towards our #Otter2018 hike.

While I was sorting out our gear, updating our gearlists, I realised that our journey to the amazing Otter trail started approximately 40 weeks ago, and got to thinking... Have I prepared enough?

We could’ve done more overnight hikes perhaps, tested different gear options, etc.
But it all comes down to training, any form of training.
Be it a 5km Parkrun, or looking like an idiot with a full 5 day pack on a dayhike at Suikerbos Rand.
Either way, the time (read kilometers) has been put it.

So my 10 week to go checklist reads as follows:
-Test variations of gear
-Look at menu options (how many beers should I carry with me?)
-Decide on one luxury item to take along


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