Monday, 26 February 2018

What’s on the menu?

So we are within 8 weeks of doing the Otter trail, and it’s time to, seriously, think about what will be on the menu for the 5 days?

Effectively it works out to the following:
Day 1 - Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 2 - Breakfast, Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 3 - Breakfast, Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 4 - Breakfast, Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 5 - Breakfast & Snacks/lunch

(4x Breakfasts, 5x Snacks/lunch & 4x Dinners)

So apart from the traditional instant oats, breakfast bars, peanuts trail mix, etc, what is good ideas for dinner?

Rice and Soya mince? Steak en smash? Pasta with sauce? Noodles with tuna?
The possibilities seem endless, but what is the best options with regards to nutrition, cooking time and most importantly, weight?

Any advise? Please comment with your options and ideas.

Till next time, Cheers



  1. Hi, sorry that first comment was just a test.

    My favourite dinner is easy-cook rice (think the big pick n pays have them) with pesto, salami and/or feta. The leftover salami and pesto could be re-used for crackers over lunch.

    Steak/chops & smash is always good, but nowadays I prefer not to struggle with cooking meat when tired. Maybe for the one night - vacuum packed and pre-frozen. Buy one lemon to share and those small Robertson spice packs.

    Fresh apples and oranges are worth their weight in gold - one per person per day (or to be shared among two)

    Bacon lasts forever and could be cooked without oil (with a little care)

    Another staple is 2-minute noodles, tuna and mayo (get small containers from pharmacy for a little one-hit mayo serving)

    Fresh chillies also weigh nothing, and make dinners more spicy (if that is your forte)

    Cous cous is also light and easy, roast a red pepper and an onion on the fire (no foil needed), add your favourite spice e.g. paprika/garlic salt and some olive oil

    Biltong and droewors - we consume up to 200g pp/day - it sounds a lot but you will be surprised

    Whiskey in a plastic bottle (self-explanatory)

    Hope this helped


      Lots of detail in this forum thread - most of these guys are weight conscious so some good ideas there

    2. I like the "Whiskey in a plastic bottle" one... definitely a must.

      As well as the salami, basil pesto and feta.

  2. Thanks for this, will definitely have a read.
    I myself try and be weight conscious, but not at the extent of an arm and a leg in price