Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Campingaz Bleuet® Micro plus Review

Campingaz Bleuet® Micro plus Review

When I first saw this little burner, I thought it was not going to “light my fire” (pardon the pun)
Damn, was I wrong, this is a case of dynamite comes in small packages.

Weighing in at only 180g, compared to the Campingaz Twister plus Cooker, at 263g, its light and durable.
Even though it’s not as light as the Fire Maple Gas Stove – Standard, at 103g, it comes in at about R100 cheaper, might be worth the compromise.

My own stats gathered through testing:
  • Boiling time
    • 5.5 minutes for 1 liter kettle

  • Burning time
    • I managed to get 180+ minutes with the CV300 canister, even though the Campingaz reckons about 160 minutes.

  1. Lightweight (180g excluding canister)
  2. Cheap (take a lot has them for R225 at the time this entry was published)
  3. Folds up small enough to store away almost anywhere.
  4. Connects to the canister via the easy click plus system, for easy assembly

  1. No wind protection (I advise using a wind shield or inside the overnight cabin)

Here is a link to Campingaz youtube video
(courtesy of Campingaz® EMEA official channel)
Campingaz® Bleuet® Micro Plus - 1 Burner Backpacking Stove - EN

This could be me being biased, because I own one, but I love the little thing.
For the price I paid, and for the results I have seen, I'm convinced this is a good buy

Monday, 26 February 2018

What’s on the menu?

So we are within 8 weeks of doing the Otter trail, and it’s time to, seriously, think about what will be on the menu for the 5 days?

Effectively it works out to the following:
Day 1 - Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 2 - Breakfast, Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 3 - Breakfast, Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 4 - Breakfast, Snacks/lunch & Dinner
Day 5 - Breakfast & Snacks/lunch

(4x Breakfasts, 5x Snacks/lunch & 4x Dinners)

So apart from the traditional instant oats, breakfast bars, peanuts trail mix, etc, what is good ideas for dinner?

Rice and Soya mince? Steak en smash? Pasta with sauce? Noodles with tuna?
The possibilities seem endless, but what is the best options with regards to nutrition, cooking time and most importantly, weight?

Any advise? Please comment with your options and ideas.

Till next time, Cheers


Monday, 19 February 2018

Pack weight? Luxury or comfort?

Hi everyone!
In less than 9 weeks we start our #Ottertrail multiday hike.
A lot of thought is going into my pack at the moment. More or less? Comfort or luxury? Gadgets or simplicity?
So I asked one of our Instagram followers, who just finished the Otter in January what her thoughts were.

@hikingforbeerza: How much did your pack weigh in?

@carmenbunnyqueen: Mine was 18kg, my boyfriend’s 21kg so average of the group was about 16-19kg… honestly take out as much as you can haha!

@hikingforbeerza: In your opinion, what did you take with that you will never pack again?

@carmenbunnyqueen: Try and coordinate with your group. Don’t take a pot, a light etc. for every single person, I didn’t even use all my ‘tools”. We took a little too much food. But even if you do, make sure it’s a variety, don’t eat the same thing every day! Also don’t take unnecessary toiletries. Toothpaste, toothbrush, roll-on and a double use shampoo/bodywash is all that’s needed.

@hikingforbeerza: Thanks for the advice, mind if I use this in a blog I’m writing?

@carmenbunnyqueen: Not at all go ahead!!! Also recommend taking vacuum sealed meat for day 1 and 2, yes, it’s a bit heavier but its HEAVAN.

@hikingforbeerza: It is planned in our menu, HAHA.

I’ve been told, that a general rule of thumb is, not to carry more the 25% of your body weight, thus meaning mine should be approximately 22.5kg… NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

I think I’ll cut down to about (hopefully!?!?) 14kg without water, thus totalling out at about 17-18kg
This I can do.

Please feel free to send us your tips towards keeping down the pack weight


Monday, 12 February 2018

#Otter2018 is 10 weeks away, what now?

Hi guys

So, yesterday we hit the “70 days to go” mark towards our #Otter2018 hike.

While I was sorting out our gear, updating our gearlists, I realised that our journey to the amazing Otter trail started approximately 40 weeks ago, and got to thinking... Have I prepared enough?

We could’ve done more overnight hikes perhaps, tested different gear options, etc.
But it all comes down to training, any form of training.
Be it a 5km Parkrun, or looking like an idiot with a full 5 day pack on a dayhike at Suikerbos Rand.
Either way, the time (read kilometers) has been put it.

So my 10 week to go checklist reads as follows:
-Test variations of gear
-Look at menu options (how many beers should I carry with me?)
-Decide on one luxury item to take along