Monday, 19 February 2018

Pack weight? Luxury or comfort?

Hi everyone!
In less than 9 weeks we start our #Ottertrail multiday hike.
A lot of thought is going into my pack at the moment. More or less? Comfort or luxury? Gadgets or simplicity?
So I asked one of our Instagram followers, who just finished the Otter in January what her thoughts were.

@hikingforbeerza: How much did your pack weigh in?

@carmenbunnyqueen: Mine was 18kg, my boyfriend’s 21kg so average of the group was about 16-19kg… honestly take out as much as you can haha!

@hikingforbeerza: In your opinion, what did you take with that you will never pack again?

@carmenbunnyqueen: Try and coordinate with your group. Don’t take a pot, a light etc. for every single person, I didn’t even use all my ‘tools”. We took a little too much food. But even if you do, make sure it’s a variety, don’t eat the same thing every day! Also don’t take unnecessary toiletries. Toothpaste, toothbrush, roll-on and a double use shampoo/bodywash is all that’s needed.

@hikingforbeerza: Thanks for the advice, mind if I use this in a blog I’m writing?

@carmenbunnyqueen: Not at all go ahead!!! Also recommend taking vacuum sealed meat for day 1 and 2, yes, it’s a bit heavier but its HEAVAN.

@hikingforbeerza: It is planned in our menu, HAHA.

I’ve been told, that a general rule of thumb is, not to carry more the 25% of your body weight, thus meaning mine should be approximately 22.5kg… NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

I think I’ll cut down to about (hopefully!?!?) 14kg without water, thus totalling out at about 17-18kg
This I can do.

Please feel free to send us your tips towards keeping down the pack weight



  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for the mention. Cant wait to read your thoughts after!

    1. Thanks for sharing some ideas and lessons learnt with us.

  2. 13 kgs :)

    1. Thanks for this, seems like a nice guide to work with.