Friday, 4 May 2018

Otter trail, what an experience

Otter trail, one word, BREATHTAKING!

It all started roughly 12 months ago
We never had the intention on doing a hike of this caliber.

We were more than happy with the average day hike, content to say the least.

Until that day we got a WhatsApp message from Rodger saying the “Otter is booked, who is in?”

And just like that, a journey started, a goal in mind, but nobody could’ve ever explained to us what we’ve approached, to put it mildly, the Otter trail is a silent beast.

So if you’ve been following our Blog and Facebook posts, you’ll know, we took this very serious (with some beers and fun as well), so it’s not like we were unprepared, but what hit us on Sunday morning, 22 April 2018, was like a brick in the face.

We quickly realised that there is a reason, for the 11 month waiting period, it was beautiful, but you get that sense of danger as you start.

The ranger did a the safety briefing, and one realised that this is real, and not just a slapped together overnighter.

But was it worth the wait? MOST DEFINITLEY!

It’s the most intense physical activity I’ve done in my life, and I’ve done some serious stuff.

Between the group of 12 mates, all of us, at some point, hit the wall and did some introspective thinking.
But you got to pull up your big boy panties, and keep on walking, because the escape routes looks even worse.

Will I recommend people on doing the Otter? MOST DEFINITLEY!
If I get a phone call tomorrow, saying I can walk again, I’ll do it without consideration.

For my review on all 5 days of the trail, have a READ HERE 
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