Monday, 5 March 2018

The balance between necessities and luxury items

It’s less than 7 weeks to go, until our Otter trail adventure begins, and trust me, not sure what feelings are stronger at the moment, excitement or nerves.

It’s almost a year since we started our hiking journey, but I have yet to fine tune the content of my pack.
The balance between necessities and luxury items can be a discussion on itself.

Here is the question for this week. What is the one item of luxury you always take with on a hike?

I my case, I always have a deck of playing cards and a box of matches (to substitute for poker chips)

I have also recently added a snorkel and goggle (with GoPro attachment) to my pack, especially with the Otter in mind.

I’ve seen and read about interesting stuff people carry with them, ranging from hammock’s, water mist fans, domino sets and in the case of my mate, a sleep apnea machine (to our benefit I think)

What is the ONE item you don’t mind carrying with you on a hike?


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