Friday, 23 March 2018

So what could we be missing?

Hi guys… 
I have not forgotten about this week’s blog entry.
It just happened to be a crazy one, with work keeping me busy, something has to pay for all these adventures.

With yesterday being exactly one month to go, I have also been very busy with final Otter arrangements, and arrangements with mates for one final overnight hike before we hit the O.T.
Who would have thought that living a “peaceful” life for 5 days will take so much preparation time? But, personally, I think it’s going to be awesome…. CAN’T WAIT!!!

We have plane tickets booked, but getting reasonable transfer to and from Plettenbergbay and George airport, is almost non existing, the service providers charge an arm and a leg.
The accommodation sorted before and after the hike, thanks for one of the group members, thanks Jannie.
The transfers to the trail and back is sorted, thanks to HIKING TRAIL TRANSFER, really affordable.

So what could we be missing?

As you know, each week I try and post a question to you, and there is no difference this week.

What are the final, last minute, details that you need to consider with 1 month to go before a big hike like this?
What will the ‘checklist / to-do-list’ items be that you need to tick off now?
I have my own list in progress, but the input from fellow hikers will be good, just to get that extra input or point of view.

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Cheers for now,

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